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Public Participation

Both Tolko Industries Ltd. (High Level Lumber Division) and Norbord Inc. believe that public involvement will benefit all levels of planning and operations. The Companies believe that:

  • Public input needs to be economically, ecologically, and socially balanced.
  • The public involvement process should be flexible and open to change as values change.
  • The longer the term of a project, the more effort that will be required to seek and resolve public input.

Our companies encourage stakeholder involvement in the development of all aspects of our operations. These aspects can include (but is not limited to) the development of our Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP), Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Plan, General Development Plan (GDP), and Forest Harvest Plan (FHP).

To encourage stakeholder involvement, our companies have developed and implemented a diverse Public Involvement Plan (PIP). Some of the components of this PIP include Open Houses, newspaper and radio announcements, as well as ongoing contact with Aboriginal groups, trappers, and other industrial and non-industrial stakeholders in our area.

Our companies also actively participate in the Public Advisory Committee (PAC).

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