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Forest Management Life Cycle

Alberta’s forest management practices are based on the natural cycle of growth and disturbance in our forests. Forest management operates on a cycle too. Careful planning, monitoring, and adapting places as needed are built into each stage of the cycle.

1 – Site preparation
2 – Planting seedlings
3 – Management of young forest to promote healthy growth
4 – Cone and seed collection for future seedlings
5 – Forest monitoring to ensure growth continues
6 – Research for future planning
7 – Data collection and surveys
8 – Managing forest in coordination with other land users to minimize footprint
9 – Adaptive management: monitoring growth and disturbances and adapting management techniques to help maintain the health of our forests
10 – Sustainable harvesting: retain structure; protect water flow and quality; protect soil

Forest Management Plans

A long-term Forest Management Plan maps out the future of the forest, while factoring in present day conditions. This plan covers a 20 year scope and includes every detail of the companies management strategies to safeguard a balanced eco-system

Forest Certification

Forestry certification is voluntary process completed in addition to the regulatory requirements and serves as a means of promoting responsible forestry practices.


La Crete Sawmills, Tolko Industries, West Fraser, and Mercer all hold voluntary certification through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program. The purpose of the SFI program is to encourage and promote the use of sustainable forestry practices and promote the efficient use of forestry resources. SFI also calls for the protection of certain wildfire habitats, areas that contribute to forest biodiversity, and water quality. The standard was recently updated in 2022 to recognize and respect Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. The links below will provide you with more information on the certification held by the majority of the Companies in the Upper Hay Regional Forests.


These Companies also hold chain of custody certification through the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). PEFC Chain of Custody certification ensures that forest and tree-based products are sourced from sustainable sources to the final product. In addition, this standard includes management requirements, including on health, safety and labor issues.

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