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Forest Management Principles

Tolko Industries Ltd, Norbord Inc, and La Crete Sawmills Ltd - Forest Management Principles
Established June 1999 - Amended February 2011

Forest lands managed by Tolko, Norbord and La Crete Sawmills make an important contribution to the quality of life for many communities by providing a wide range of environmental, social and economic benefits.

Tolko, Norbord and La Crete Sawmills are committed to professional and sustainable forest management. Our ability to provide raw materials to our manufacturing facilities depends on managing forest resources and respecting all forest values.

Tolko, Norbord and La Crete Sawmills’ Management Team develops strategic direction and provides resources to the Woodlands departments. The Woodlands group, drawing on the input from our employees, stakeholders, aboriginals and members of the public, will develop professional resource plans that demonstrate an innovative and sensitive approach to forest land management. Tolko, Norbord and La Crete Sawmills’ activities will be ecologically suitable, economically feasible and socially acceptable.

Activities that support these principles are:

  • Maintaining or improving the health and productivity of forest ecosystems and biological diversity;
  • Actively promoting stakeholder and public participation through open communication;
  • Respecting and recognizing established aboriginal title and rights, and treaty rights;
  • Providing for safeguards to the health and safety of employees, contractors and the public in our Woodlands operations;
  • Complying with relevant forest management legislation, policies, and legally binding international conventions or agreements to which Canada is a signatory;
  • Evaluating our forest management performance through internal and external audits, reviews and benchmarking; and,
  • Increasing our knowledge and expertise through advances in science and the implementation of adaptive management.

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