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Forest Harvest Plan (FHP)

Forest harvest plans describe the harvest and road layouts. The primary components of Forest harvest plans are a map and report that clearly show and document harvest area boundaries, roads and water crossings. In High Level, FHPs are planned and submitted by compartment. Once approved they are valid for a five year period unless issues otherwise directed by the Government of Alberta.

Before an FHP is submitted to the government, extensive field work is conducted to verify and assess each harvest block. This assessment specifically checks for: merchantability, operability, watercourses, and sites of biological/archaeological significance. Any specific concerns are addressed within the plan by following the Upper Hay Regional Ground Rules. Once the plan is completed it is sent to specific stakeholders within that compartment for review and comments (i.e. trapline holders, outfitters, protected notation holders, etc.).

The components of the FHP document focus on specific stand-level goals and objections such as watercourse buffers, tree retention, or wildlife buffers. The stands that can be selected for harvest in the FHP have already been pre-determined through the Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP) and approved by the Government of Alberta. The FHP’s outlines specifically what stands within a compartment are targeted for harvest and builds a harvest strategy around them. As long as this plan follows the Upper Hay Regional Ground Rules and does not vary from the DFMP selected stands by more than 20%, the plan is approved by the Government upon acceptance.

Forest harvest plans are available for viewing in person at: Tolko High Level, High Level Agriculture and Forestry Main Office, or on this webpage.

Any questions can be directed to Trevor Lafreniere, Tolko Planning Superintendent, at 780-805-3851 or [email protected]

Visit the Annual Operating Plans page for current Forest Harvest Plans.

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