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Environmental Policies

  • LaCrete Sawmills Ltd.
  • Norbord Inc.
  • Tolko Industries Ltd.

    LaCrete Sawmills Ltd. - Environmental Policy
    La Crete Sawmills holds in high regard our employees and the Natural Environment that we all live in. Our employees and the environment are our greatest assets and the success of the company is largely due to these assets.

    Our primary goal is to manufacture quality lumber for the world markets, while being committed to a responsible approach and the safeguard of the environment.

    We strive to protect the quality of our Environment by complying with the regulatory requirements set forth.

    We practice sustained–yield forestry through research, innovation, silviculture and continually search for areas where we can improve our environmental and resource utilization performance.

    We are committed to ensuring that all employees receive the education and training necessary for them to carry out their work in an environmentally responsible manner.

    We monitor environmental performance through regularly evaluation and continuously work to improve the environment, in which we live and work.

    We encourage input from the Public, Community and our Employees and we work toward improving environmental awareness throughout our organization and in our community.

    John Unger, General Manager
    December 2011

    Norbord Inc. -
    Environmental Policy

    Download Environmental Policy - PDF

Tolko Industries Ltd. - Environmental Policy
Tolko is committed to the well-being of future generations through responsible environmental performance. This is a key value of the Company. Our ability to operate the business, satisfy customers and other stakeholders and build sustainable economic success is increasingly dependent on our environmental performance. Our commitment applies to all aspects of our business.

Tolko’s Management Team, drawing on the input of employees and stakeholders, provides strategic direction and resources to help the Company honour this policy. This includes ensuring that employees receive the education and training necessary for them to carry out their work in an environmentally responsible manner. Employees will actively participate in environmental management and challenge operating principles they believe can be improved.

Activities that support this policy are:

  • Complying with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which we commit;
  • Continually improving our environmental performance;
  • Integrating the requirements of environmental laws and regulations and our other commitments into business planning and decision making;
  • Managing forest land in a professional and sustainable manner consistent with Tolko’s Forest Management Principles;
  • Managing operations to minimize pollution;
  • Evaluating our environmental performance through internal and external audits, reviews and benchmarking;
  • Communicating environmental, social and economic performance with our employees, the public and other stakeholders; and
  • Encouraging and recognizing employees for their contribution towards improving our environmental performance.

Tolko’s performance will be reviewed and reported annually.

Issue Date: January 1998
Amendment Date: April 2001

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