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Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP)

A Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP) is a long-term (140-200 years) forest management plan for a Forest Management Unit (FMU).

Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP)Through the implementation of a public involvement plan, resource management goals (biological, economic, and social), objectives, and strategies are identified and implemented through the selection of a Preferred Forest Management Strategy (PFMS). The PFMS, which also includes the completion of a Timber Supply Analysis (TSA) and a 20-year Spatial Harvest Sequence (SHS), is the mechanism to achieve the desired future forest.

The PFMS is implemented across the landscape through the General Development Plan (GDP), Final Harvest Plan (FHP), and regional-specific operating ground rules.

To ensure that the PFMS is being implemented on the landscape as planned, an Annual Performance Report and 5-Year Stewardship Report is completed to compare forecasted results versus actual performance. This will ensure that the desired ecological, economic, and social aspects of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) are being maintained or enhanced over the planning horizon.


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