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2021/22 Annual Operating Plans (AOP)

The Annual Operating Plan identifies the activities within the Timber Year (May 1st to April 30th) for the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development (Alberta) to authorize harvest, roads (including watercourse crossings), and forest management activities within Forest Management Units F11, F14, F26, P19, and P21. The Annual Operating Plan has been prepared by and submitted by the Companies, which are:

  • Tolko Industries Ltd. (Tolko) – Paul Hewitt, Planning Superintendent ([email protected])
  • Norbord Inc. (Norbord) – Fred Radersma, Woodlands Manager ([email protected])
  • La Crete Sawmills Ltd. (LCSM) – Aaron Doepel, Woodlands Manager, ([email protected])
  • N’deh Limited Partnership (N’deh)
  • Netaskinan Development (GP) Ltd. (Netaskinan)
  • Power Wood Canada Corp. (Power Wood)
  • Evergreen Lumber Inc. (Evergreen)
  • Crestview Sawmills Ltd. (Crestview)

The information provided on the website may be updated or amended through the timber year. If specific information is required the Annual Operating Plan is available for viewing on this webpage. Any questions regarding the Annual Operating Plan can be directed to the contacts provided above.

2021/22 Annual Operating Plan

Cover Page and Table of Contents

Administrative and Timber Production Information

General Development Plan

Fire Control Plan

Reforestation Program

Road Plan

Forest Harvest Plans

Operating Schedule


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